Product Name : BEION F10 Automatic Fibre Testing System
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BEION|BEION F10 Automatic Fibre Testing System

BEION F10 Automatic Fibre Testing System

1. Beion auto fibre testing system is an one-touch pipeline system for fibre fineness measurement, data statistical analysis, generates report forms etc.

(2)Easy and fast calibration for magnification optical system: Using optics scale can demarcate amplification of the optical microscope in one minute. Ensured by auto calibration without operator participates, build-in mathematics statistics module can set system calibration fastly and accurately.

(3) According to IWTO DTM62 standard, auto-tests items of the system include: number of fibres, mean fibres fineness, standard deviation(SD), coefficient of variation(CV), coarse fibre content (especially between fine wool and cashmere) and histogram of fibre diameter distribution with interval of 2.5 micrometer.

(4)Auto-microscope can self-focus accurately and ensure the max sharpness of fibre image at an intensive testing speed.

(5) Fast speed: the system can measures 3000~6000 fibres in 6 minutes one by one with range of 2~150 micrometer.

(6)The system can be used to test the diameter and fineness of various animal wools, cellulose fibre, other chemical fibre etc. Fibre diameter measurements meet the standard values of PROJECTION MICROSCOPE METHOD.

(7) Dispense with much manual operation, auto-focus function can search the focal plane of fibres slide intelligently.

(8) Intellectualized image reorganization module can analyze crossed and overlapped fibres accurately. To ensure the accuracy of diameter data, each fiber data is the mean value of diameters at different positions (more than 100 times) of the fibre in longitudinal view.

(9) Build-in professional data analyze module can realize auto analyze and generate data sheet; it can also export fineness data and histogram of fibre diameter to EXCEL for custom auditing.



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